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Hystaspes is a free, open source and cross platform application to provide systematical management system for logistics unit in small, middle and enterprise companies. It can provide all basic and advanced management services for small or huge logistics groups. Moreover, it will provide basic logistic management services on mobile devices for operational teams. Hystaspes will be the first open source software which contents all software engineering documentation as free and available development resources. Anyone is able to review and change documentation or source code based on his/her special requirement. Hystaspes will be able to use in any type of service-base or production base organization. Furthermore, it will be a multilingual application to use all organizations in any country.

Business Objectives

Our main goal is focused on creating a standard logistics management system for NGOs and international organizations to improve their logistics progress in poor countries. Moreover, it can be used by under develop countries in Africa, Asia and South America to improve their logistics system for reducing energy and budget wastes.

Technical Objectives

Hystaspes is a knowledge based logistics management system for any type of product base, service base and project base organization. Moreover, it will be able to switch between FIFO and LIFO entity management terminology.

What’s meaning of Hystaspes?

Vishtaspa (fl. 550 BC), known under his Hellenized name Hystaspes (Ὑστάσπης), was a Persian satrap of Bactria and Persis, and the father of Darius I of Persia. While Dariush was fighting Phraortes in Rhagae, his father Hystaspes was fighting Median rebels in Parthia but his forces were not enough. Then Dariush sent him a Persian army from Rhagae and as soon as the army arrives Hystaspes attacks the rebels and after two battles takes control back. Dariush in his notes expresses his satisfaction with his father who had killed 6,750 enemy soldiers and had captured 4,192 with a small army and without his father on Phraortes' tail Dariush could not have been very successful. Thinking about the organization and logistics needed for these battles, the Persian army did an extraordinary job.

Software Architecture

  • Development Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework & Mono
  • Web platform:
  • Language: C#
  • Mobile Platform: Windows Phone 8 / Windows Metro App / Android
  • Database: Independent
  • Architecture: MVC
  • Data Provider: Entity Framework

Case Tools

  • Design and Analysis: ArgoUML
  • Documentation: Microsoft Office 2010
  • Diagrams: Microsoft Visio 2010
  • Development: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 & Xamarin Studio
  • Web Server: IIS 7.5

References for Analysis and Design

Click on the following link and see list of references which are used to analysis and design.

Software Development Plan:

Click on the following link and see list of tasks which have to be done in the project.
Software Development Plan

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