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Concepts of Logistics System Design by Richard C. Owens and Jr. Timothy Warner, John Snow, Inc. /DELIVER, for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), 2003 Click here

Chapter 2 Logistics – Basic Concepts & Characteristics, COUrier Routing through Innovative Emulation Learning program, Couriel, 2004 Click here

NATO Logistics Handbook by NATO/OTAN, November 2012 Click here

Joint Military Logistics by CAPT Michael P. Uva, SC, USN Officer-in-Charge, NAVSUP, 4th April 2011 Click here

Joint Publication 4-0, Joint Logistics, 16 October 2013 Click here

Logistics, Wikipedia Click here

Logistics Managemant, Wikipedia Click here

Supply Chain Management, Wikipedia Click here

Lean Manufacturing, Wikipedia Click here

Supply Chain Operations References Click here

APICS SCC Frameworks Click here

Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR) Click here

BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE (BA) - Business Process Mapping: the SCOR model Click here

Supply Chain Operations Reference Model Click here

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